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The do it yourself platform to easily
manage your trust account…


per month

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* State Bar Compliance

* One-Click Reporting

* Best-In-Class Security

* Worry-Free Reconciliations


Add expert support to offload your
month‐end trust reconciliations…


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Everything in DIY, plus:

* TrustBooks team completes your reconciliation

* Report on any discrepancies

* Dedicated CPA overseeing your trust account

* For attorneys that are busy and need extra support with the details

“TrustBooks has simplified the intricacies of trust accounting such that I can focus more on my client’s needs and less on law firm administration. The software is extremely user-friendly and accessible, and support is just an email or phone call away. As a litigator and manager of a busy divorce practice, I cannot imagine practicing law without such a brilliantly executed piece of software.”

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P. Tyler Summers

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Easy Data Management DIY TEAM
Easy navigation from Dashboard page
Manage unlimited trust accounts
Record client activity
Print checks
State Bar Compliance DIY TEAM
Protection against overdrawing a client's balance
Memo field required on checks
Automatically generated three-way trust reconciliation
Ongoing software updates based on new State Bar requirements
One Click Reporting DIY TEAM
Client ledgers
Trust ledger
Detailed reconciliation
Three-way reconciliation
Best In Class Security DIY TEAM
Automatic secure daily backups
256 bit SSL security encryption
Data stored in secure Amazon Web Services data centers
Worry Free Reconciliations DIY TEAM
Simple reconciliation process
Auto-generated Three-Way Trust Reconciliation
Trust account reviewed by a TrustBooks' Certified Accountant for any discrepancies
Reconciliation completed by a TrustBooks' Certified Accountant
Reconciliation reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant ('CPA')
Premium Features DIY TEAM
Optional: Additional user accounts (per user per month) $10 UNLIMITED
Optional: Onboarding completed by TrustBooks' Certified Accountant (one time fee) $299 $299
Dedicated Certified Public Accountant ('CPA') overseeing your account

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