Trust Accounting Software Comparison

Check out how TrustBooks compares against the other options like QuickBooks® and Excel.

Easy Data Management TrustBooks® QuickBooks® Excel
Record client activity
Print checks
Automatically update client ledgers
Easy navigation from Dashboard page
State Bar Compliance
Designed exclusively for a lawyer’s trust account
Protection against overdrawing a client’s balance
Automatically generated three-way trust reconciliation
Software updates based on new State Bar requirements
One Click Reporting
Client ledgers
Trust ledger
Detailed reconciliation
Three-way reconciliation
Worry Free Reconciliations
Simple reconciliation process
Auto-generated Three-Way Trust Reconciliation
Trust account reviewed by a TrustBooks’ Certified Accountant for any discrepancies
Reconciliation completed by a TrustBooks’ Certified Accountant
Reconciliation reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (‘CPA’)

TrustBooks has been wildly successful in designing an intuitive product. This is soooo much better than trying to balance my trust account in QuickBooks!

Andy Cowan

Law Office of
Andrew Cowan