NC Bar Association Partners with TrustBooks to Help Attorneys Stay Compliant with the NC Trust Rules!

TrustBooks is designed specifically for attorneys to help them navigate and stay compliant with the NC trust rules through easy to use software (no accounting degree required!).

Make reconciliations simple.

Easily complete month-end and three-way reconciliations.

Know your client balances at all times.

Generate automated client reports after reconciliations.

Ensure compliance with State Bar.

Meet State Bar requirements effortlessly with built-in features and reporting.

Save time (and money!).

Spend your time practicing law, not doing trust accouting!

Simplify your trust accounting and stop dreading your reconciliations.

Trustbooks has completely changed my view on trust accounting for
my firm. It takes into account all of the trust accounting
requirements of the State Bar and helps make sure you comply with them.
Trustbooks has simplified the trust accounting for my firm and I no
longer dread doing reconciliations or an audit from the State Bar.

Brett Wentz

Wentz Law, PLLC

TrustBooks offers these exclusive benefits to NC Bar Association Members:

Freeone-on-one tour of TrustBooks
Private webinarsto go over trust accounting topics and using TrustBooks
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DIY Plan:Take50% OffOur Onboarding Service Package
TEAM Plan:Take$15 OffEach Month

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