Software designed specifically for attorneys to help them easily manage
client accounts and stay compliant with their State Bar

Sleek, Efficient, and Reasonably Priced

“TrustBooks meets the needs of my growing solo practice. Where everyone else offers bulky, bloated, and overpriced
products, Trustbooks is sleek, efficient, and reasonably priced.”


Robert Heron Law, P.C.

Ensure compliance with your State Bar

 Built-in controls keep you in compliance with workflows that that prevent you from overspending a client’s balance.

Three-Way Trust Reconciliations that are automatically generated with each reconciliation.

Electronic signoffs on your reconciliations.

Automatically-generated reports that meet State Bar requirements for compliance.

Easily, confidently manage your trust account

 Print checks directly from TrustBooks.

 Eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed when you use accounting software or spreadsheets that are not designed for a law firm’s trust account.

    Workflows that mirror your law firm.
    Designed for law firms – not accountants!

Automatically generate the reports you need

 Use automatic month-end reports.

    No extra steps needed to get these one-click reports.

 Print client ledgers with one-click.

    Always updated and ready to print for your clients or save for your records.
    See all your clients with their available balance in one easy to view screen.

Keep a history of all your reconciliations. Easy access to all the reconciliations performed.

 Flexible reporting features that allow you to generate the specific report you want.

    Easily run reports for specific clients.
    Filter by client, payee, date range, responsible attorney, etc. – you’re in control of the report you want and need.

Spend your time practicing law—not doing trust accounting.

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